Friday, January 8, 2010

(Wh)organizing January motivation

E is for Edit!!

January brings a New Year, Christmas gifts that need a new home, stores filled with big plastic storage boxes and reruns of the Hoarder television series on A&E.
Ready to start organizing and purging? Good!

Here is your cheerleading moment: hoarders didn't fill those godforsaken houses with crap overnight or one weekend nor should you shouldn't expect to complete a full house reorganization overnight. That only happens on HGTV's Clean House through the magic of television.


  • Start in one space or room.

  • Divide into mini-spaces: one wall, one drawer, one shelf.

  • Completely finish the room before moving on.

  • Dust, sweep, vacuum and mop when complete.

  • Stand in the room and admire your good work.

  • Move on to the next space.

  • When feeling stalled, go look at your first space for motivation.

  • Get back to work.

  • Best way to complete the project is to do a little each day. If you attempt to finish in one weekend and become overwhelmed, you'll give up and the mess gets worse.

  • Set a timer and work 30 minutes every day.

  • Have more than 30 minutes? Work for an hour.

  • Ready for a television break? Pull a drawer out of the kitchen cabinet or furniture, set it on your lap or ottoman while you watch and organize it. You won't believe how quickly you can plow through. You might even replace the drawer and get another during a commercial break.

  • Keep on keepin' on! It feels so good to open a neat and organized drawer or closet that it becomes addictive.

Let me know how it is going!

Would love to know your thoughts and progress.

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