Monday, January 18, 2010

Caped brats

Baby sister Rikki Tikki Tavi and I made 20 small capes for Walter's Super Heroes themed birthday party this weekend. Super cheap fabric from WalMart, serged edges and leftover ribbon sewn at corners.
Rikki hates sewing and such so was probably surprised when I asked her to serge while I sewed ribbons. Pretty sure she hated it but she is a Super Mom thus, she suffered for the enjoyment of the invited Super Heroes.

Did I mention we made TWENTY? There is a certain freedom in making something super fast. You cannot entertain goals of super detailed finishing. Heck, this fabric would MELT if ironed!
However, I must point out the "leftover" ribbon. How many kid's capes include pretty Neiman Marcus gift ribbon?

Rikki found only 1 yard of black fabric so reserved that for later sewing because her brats are into Star Wars and she thought they would want it for whatever character wears black capes. (I am the only person in America that has never watched a Star Wars movie.) I asked Gregory if he would like a black cape for Star Wars play. Yes. Last month, he shunned sewn capes. Do you want me to put a "G" on it for Gregory? No. Plain. Just black.
It made me laugh because he sounded just like me. Not a fan of embellishment. Love plain. Love simple.

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