Friday, May 9, 2008

Silk stash yields handbags

The silk stash makes the prettiest handbags. Employed vintage buttons and hair tie elastics for closure.

People give me stuff, I tell ya!

Ooooh, looka, more notion junque from Kay! Whole mess of stuff for ME, including buttons, retro Valentines, an Octagon soap coupon, vintage match books, lace, trim, plus thread on wood spools!

Friday, May 2, 2008

80's style country cross stitch strikes back!

Diggin' through my cross stitch crap and found this jar topper with blue ruffle. Oh fuh Gawd. Back in the day, country decor crazed folks would have loved to see a stitched cow or some such barnyard critter. Um, no. Instead I attempted to jazz it up with blue beads and taught myself a little hide-the-thread inside the ruffle trick. Those blue beads are from Dori's installation"people give me stuff" stash.

Embroidered ladybug

Stitched an easy backstitched ladybug on the leg of pajama pants.

A new obsession - tissue cozies

How many is too much?

Heck, I don't even carry tissues but here is a whole mess of 'em! Just one more dang thing that employs small scraps of fabric. Thanks, If you are my friend, you will probably be offered a tissue cozy. I apologize in advance.

  • cut 4 pieces of fabric 4" X 6"

  • fold 2 pieces lengthwise, press with hot iron to set crease

  • stack remaining 2 pieces, wrong sides together

  • place the 2 folded pieces on top, with folded edges just touching

  • align all the edges

  • sew all the way around, using 3/8" seam allowance

  • trim edges

  • turn inside out
  • serger works okay but does not provide the crispest corners

  • NOTE: the middle fabric becomes the bottom outside

    Box of treasure/junque

    People give me stuff!

    Kay knows I love me some boxes of sewing notions and junque! Looka! Vintage paper dolls, buttons galore, a Singer sewing machine replacement belt, keys - caw, caw, shiny stuff!

    If your mom or grandmother has a drawer full of unused sewing stuff, give it to me! I will glady employ it on a future project. Mind you, it sometimes takes a while but it eventually I will find the perfect use the trinkets and trash.