Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Remake the fake

I'm not gonna lie, I had a fake Kate Spade bag back in the day and quickly learned it was not only inexpensive but cheap. Once you see your brand of trickeration everywhere, it's no longer a bargain.
Mix the faux with quality shoes and jewelry and the ruse might just work. However, a teenager with bargain store shoes, who has never visited a major city but carries a "$1200" Louis Vuitton handbag . . . yeah, it was probably purchased from a car trunk and not a LV boutique.

A few years ago, Louis Vuitton offered a Stephen Sprouse inspired graffiti print. Not at all a fan of the look, I was still intrigued. How about my own graffiti designer bag, Leezra style?
Well, y'know people give me stuff and last week, my friend Ann offered me her Canal Street fake Louis. While I intended paint text, a cake stencil screamed at me from the paint drawer.

Can you have your cake and eat it too?

As in, can you buy a fake and make everyone else believe it's real?
I think not.
Not when everyone else is in on the secret.

Shut up the shuttin' up, cake hole.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Birthday? Bucket!

So, my brother Rollo's birthday was last week. He doesn't appreciate nice ribbon or a pretty gift bag so how best to bestow his request for underwear and socks?
Then it hit me. A bucket with a lid! Reusable, unique and very practical. THAT is something Rollo can appreciate.
A camouflage print bucket was stuffed with packs of underwear and socks. Bratcake Nephew Gregory made fun of Rollo for receiving a diaper pail for his birthday. (Gregory is a budding smart ass. Good boy.)

Wait, best part: the bucket cost less than a fancy paper gift bag.
One more idea for ya:
Ann no longer purchases the pretty bags for a nice gift presentation but instead places gifts in the cute reusable grocery bags.
If ya really wanna mess with someone's anticipation level, purchase a brand new paint can (found on the paint supply aisle), place gift inside
and hammer the lid down in a snug-like manner. Hide the can opener and watch your very own personal meltdown show.

Or diaper pail?
Whatchagonna use?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Made by my great-grandmother

Found this pillow cover made from a quilt square in my linen closet. It was made by my great-grandmother who was a prolific quilter.

The colors aren't great and God bless her, she used what she had and composition wasn't her strongest forte.

I gave the pillow cover to my quilter friend Dori and hopefully she'll be able to use it for inspiration and perhaps even a pattern for a copy. Imagine it with coordinating print fabrics. It's got potential, I tell ya!

Take a look at the hand stitched piecing.

I feel lucky to be able to see and understand my great grandmother's handiwork and blessed to have a willing recipient as a friend who will appreciate it more than me.

Proving I am NOT a hoarder,

I am,

Skitzo Leezra