Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kitty loo curtains

Elizabeth purchased one curtain panel from Lowe's ($4, make ya holler) and we cut it up to make a lavatory skirt (photo to appear in upcoming blog entry) AND curtains to hide the kitty's litter box. Welcome to the Pooh Loo Lounge!

Curtains, valances and skirts - oh my!

My friend Elizabeth just moved, wanted new window treatments and totally played me for being the better sewing girl of us two. Anywho, I fell for the bait and made a few simple window treatments and am impressed. While Elizabeth and I have never-to-be-doubted fabulous taste, we cannot seem to measure for shit so every fabric had to be pieced and lined with other fabric because we purchased too little yardage. How much fabric did I have left over? NONE! Please to enjoy, photos of curtains below.

Waverly "Pretty Paisley" and gingham

Burlap and black gingham

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cool tote bags

My estate sale acquaintance gave me a piece of vintage fabric! It is a way cool damask print in great colors but if you touched it, you would realize that the quality was not great. It is a screen printed fabric as opposed to woven. So, considering that it felt like itchy shag carpeting and would not launder well, I ruled out apparel wear. Being that my favorite thing in the world to make is a tote bag, the orange and red fabric made TWO totes. One large enough to take to the beach; the other, roomy for a wallet, cellphone and lipgloss.
Forgot to take a photo of the interior but lined it with red and pink floral flannel, it coordinated perfectly!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Baby bib & gift

My friends decided not to find out the sex of their first baby. Well, that kinda limits my cross stitch endeavors but okay. Here is your bib, unknown baby!

Placed bib in fabric collapsible storage box along with baby stuff.

People give me stuff - lots and lots of patterns

My fabulous alterations lady gave me big box of clothing patterns - Woo Hoo! Perused the offerings and kept these four and donated the remaining to local charity thrift store. I am paying it forward and backward, I tell ya! Take a look at the handbag pattern, you will see a completed version here in a couple days.
Would you like a tip on receiving stuff from folks? Talk about your common interests. More times than not, people want to share their stuff with enthusiastic like-minded crafters because their stuff will go to a good home. I assure my benefactors that I donate the items I don't keep. No way would I throw away a box of vintage patterns - Never, I say!

Shiny Stuff of the Week 2

Spied this ball of spinning shiny stuff and shouted
"Caw! Caw!"
The shoppers at Eric's of Metairie did not understand. Idiots.

People give me stuff! Food stuff

People give me stuff - this time it is fresh strawberry preserves made by my friend! And it is yummy and the presentation is cute.

Who doesn't love a painting of a monkey?

Was in New Orleans on Saturday and sweat my balls off looking at cool art at Palmer Park. Met a neat artist named Linda Berman that paints monkeys! Her whimsical and colorful style is appealing to monkey lovers, art enthusiasts, drunks, imbibers and smokers, does that cover everybody? Well, all my friends, at least.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Utilitarian denim tote bag

Man, I love making tote bags, what with the straight line sewing and all but this is a heavy duty bag made for heavy stuff, thus, denim from cast-off jeans. Cut 2 legs, turned so that bottom hem is the top edge, split the inside seam and joined them. Removed 1 back pocket and restitched to outside. Ripped off the waistband and used that for the tote strap.

WooHoo - new Skitzo Leezra labels inside the pocket!

Robot on your shirt

Nephew Walter drew a robot and I thought it was the cutest thing ever, which inspired me to stitch in on a T-shirt. Taped his drawing onto a light box and traced with fabric transfer pen.

Ironed on and embroidered.

Oh, update: Walter's little brother Gregory asked where his shirt was. Oops. Draw something and I'll stitch it, I promised him. Later that day, Walter told his mom that he drew an image for Gregory's shirt. His mom RikkiTikkiTavi told him that indeed, Gregory should draw something for his own shirt but asked to see the Walter's artwork. Walter proudly displayed a rendering of a unicorn. She said it was nice but unicorns are usually seen on girl's shirts. Walter smiled broadly. A smartass at 6 years old, he makes me proud, I tell ya. Sniff.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Shiny stuff of the week

This is the first installation of Shiny Stuff for the enjoyment of my crow-like friends. Enjoy.
Caw, Caw!

Custom made labels

Look at these cute labels I ordered from Jennifer's Jewels on! Jennifer offers lots of cute designs but of course, I wanted something different. I requested 2 fonts to represent the Skitzo Leezra personality and she took it from there.
Very economical and great quality. Check her out!

Naughty word flip book

My swap partner indicated that her favorite naughty words were combinations. So, with help of brother, sister and Kay, we compiled a list of naughty, nasty, gross and funny words.
Grabbed a small scrap book, cut each page into 3 sections and wrote adjective in top space, adjective in middle space and noun at the lower. Not sure how many combinations can be made but I am going to guess - LOTS!