Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My favorite color is plaid

If it was plaid, I had to have it:

  • Ralph Lauren Black Watch tartan handbag AND wallet

  • Plaid Tretorn sneakers

  • Madras shorts in plaid

  • Burberry headband

  • Scottish plaid kilt

  • Tartan rainboots

So this wreath I made of plaid neckties should be no surprise.

Elizabeth displays wreath made by me

So, last year when I made a couple vintage ornament wreaths, I gave one to Elizabeth, mind you AFTER Christmas. Then she moved. Yesterday she e-mailed me a photo of said wreath layered atop her dining room mirror. DANG, that is some pretty. And I am so gonna copy her idea and hang mine in the same way. Love her ribbon!

This is what my friends do so well: display my stuff so much better than I could and make me want the very thing I gave them. It is the curse of good taste, I tell ya.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Looks a lot like Christmas 1

Shimmery stuff on a rusted metal column, at Bella Cose.

Craft room organization

Already have embroidery floss organized and wrapped on little cards. So when a friend gave me a huge bag of MORE floss, I had to find a home for it. Being anal retentive and a lover of cool storage, I moved this cool library card drawer unit from the guest room to the craft room and sorted floss. WooHoo! Floss is sorted by DMC numbers. Understand, THIS is the surplus floss! People give me stuff!

Cute wool skirt for a cute girl

After that 16 skirt marathon with Chrysanthemum,
I had a few scraps remaining
and because I am my mom's daughter,
I felt compelled to make a little girl skirt with them.
Appliqued flower petals made from contrasting tweed fabric
and sewed 2 vintage stacked buttons in the center.
Cute, huh?

Go shopping for Christmas tree skirts

So you can make a super easy cute skirt! Last year I posted a small cotton tree skirt that I repurposed to a small little girl skirt. Link, here.
1 seam + elastic = done.
Bigger skirt for bigger girls.

Practically every girl likes a swirly skirt!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fold over elastic

Found a cool skirt tutorial posted by Angry Chicken (don't you love that name?). She demonstrates how to attach fold over elastic for the waistband. I had never heard of such so went straight to my small town local fabric stores. Guess what? Neither had they. Next stop, eBay. Son of a gun if I didn't find a 50 yard roll for $5 in a gray color. Since I don't tuck in shirts or sweaters inside my skirts, gray would work just fine. I serged the waistline and then applied the fold over elastic with a zig zag stitch. When Angry Chicken tells ya the stretch the elastic, she means it. Stretch that mo' fo' as tightly as possible because if you don't, the elastic will just act as a nice binding but not have much stretch.

This skirt from the craft room hangover skirt assembly line with Chrysanthemum.

Baby feet!

Made a pair of Heather Bailey's Bitty Booties (tutorial HERE) for yet another breeder friend's spawn. It is never too early for a girl to appreciate the color combination of pink and green.
This was my first attempt of baby foot wear so I chose inexpensive felt fabric. The good thing about felt: it is loosely woven so can be stretched slightly if baby's foot is indeed fat.
I attempted a random embroidery stitch look but my mind cannot seem to that. Plus, you kinda need to match it to the other shoe. Should you want to try making a pair of booties, do yourself a favor and look at the unique styles shown over at
flickr. Wish I had checked out those before completing mine. I woulda lined these maamajamas with pink and green plaid!

Chandelier for autumn

Stuck a bunch of junk on my foyer chandelier to celebrate the change of season!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Scarf swap

People Make Me Stuff!
Craftster scarf swap partner sent me not one but two scarves! WooHoo! This black and white number has zippered pockets on each end. What a perfect place to stash my gin flask for Mardi Gras parades!

What to put in the other pocket? Looka, my swap partner filled it with goodies.

Check out the other scarf in pink and black combination, it looks great with two of my coats!

Plus my swap mate sent me more winter care goodies and lots of hot beverage mixes. Thanks, Jloveg!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Embroidery floss, organized

The craftster.org folks were showing their embroidery floss organization or lack of it. Ya already know I am anal retentive so the above should not be much of a surprise.

Kay's shoes

Kay purchased these cute shoes but alas she lost a few jewels and stones (probably from kicking street urchins) so she visited the SkitzoLeezraStudio to partake of my glue gun and jewelry cemetery bounty.
Some of those shiny bits are from broken stuff and one of those silver pins is from
my grandmother's costume jewelry stash. People give me stuff and some of it goes to the glitzy shoe hospital!
Looka how fab her shoes are now!