Friday, December 7, 2007

Shabby Chic Ornament Wreath

Y'know those nasty scratched up ornaments that folks toss when they purchase new ones? Well, I love 'em! And I have been collecting them for the last 7 years.
Here is my wreath made of vintage ornaments on a straw wreath wrapped in silver tinsel garland.
Pointers to make your own:
  • purchase sharp end metal floral pins
  • wrap straw wreath with silver tinsel garland and secure ends
  • for hanger, wrap wire around wreath several times and twist to bind strands together
  • begin at top and work around
  • place larger ornaments first and fill in with smaller
  • you may work on a flat surface to complete the bulk of the wreath but for completion, transfer to a sturdy nail on the wall. You will want to see empty spots and how ornaments dangle.
  • place a rug, mat or folded towel below wreath while it is hanging on wall because some ornaments will fall and break
  • reserve several ornaments for replacement
  • wreath is not recommended for a door. hang in stationary area.
  • store wreath in sturdy box

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