Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Decor, according to SkitzoLeezra

You gotta know the rules to break the rules.

White lights everywhere for Christmas decor - it is nice, it is tasteful. And kinda dull. Sometimes good taste can be boring.

  • Big retro color bulbs - good.

  • New pastel twinkle lights - a nice change.

  • Chaser lights - HORRORS! Stop that! Don't you know those things can send some folks into an epileptic seizure? For shame!

  • Inflatable yard decorations - yuck. They look like giant discarded condoms when not inflated.

  • Snowman themed decor in the South - just plain ol' stoopid.

  • YUCK

  • Wired ribbon cascading down the tree - unless placed by a gay man, don't even bother because you will never get it right. Instead drape ribbon around the tree, tucking ribbon in tree branches for less rigid look. Nah, call your gay man friend for that too.

  • Light projected Christmas images - rarely look good.

  • Green garland - always a yes. Even better when placed in an unexpected area, like tree houses, dog houses, etc.

  • Red pre-tied velvet bows sold at Walgreen's, WalMart - so cheap looking.

  • Smocked clothing on a boy older than 6 months - sissified.

  • Fiber optic - why?

  • Your collection of Santas or Christmas tree figurines or nutcrackers or ONE theme - neat.

  • Your collection of every damn holiday thing ever on every surface - disturbed.

Here are some break-the-rules ideas. Just make sure you ask a trusted friend if your version works or if you should just stick to tasteful and safe. OR send in your photos! The Skitzo community will tell ya what we think.

  • One strand of color lights wrapped around the trunk of the tree with white lights on branches.

  • Shiny stuff hanging from your outdoor trees.

  • Updated color combination. Red and green is just so predictable. How about bright pink and lime green? Copper and verdigris? Red and orange?

  • Funny holiday clothing on your dog(s).

  • Themed ornaments hanging from your chandelier.

  • Cookie cutters on garland/wreath in the kitchen.

  • Little trees in the children's bedrooms.

  • Black Christmas tree - why not?

  • Tinsel tree - shiny stuff!! Caw caw!! Me like-y!

  • Your decor should represent you.

  • More is more!

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