Thursday, February 19, 2009

tartan necktie brooch

tartan necktie brooch
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Being a lover of plaids and a tartan-phile, this is my favorite necktie brooch.

Necktie brooches

necktie brooches
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Skitzo Leezra
Made some more necktie flowers. Please to enjoy, accented with vintage and cast-off jewelry parts such as earrings and pins. Pin back affixed for wearing.

Embroidery tip: How to couch a long thread

baby onesie embroidery
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Skitzo Leezra
Thread needle onto cut end of thread. Poke needle through fabric from the front. Pull thread to the back so there is a tail of 3 or 4 inches. Remove needle. Double knot the end of thread on the back side of fabric, trim it and pull the knot tight to fabric. Make couching stitches and unwind floss as needed. Repeat process to finish the couching thread.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pull up a bloody chair

Shown in March 2009 issue of Metropolitan Home,
this "Dexter" chair (inspired by the television show)
has a blood splatter embroidered onto back panel.
Kinda gross, huh?
Hoping blood stains won't be the "new toile" or
it won't devolve to menstrual blood smear motifs on towels and such.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Shiny Stuff of the Week 6

In honor of Carnival season,
here is your shiny stuff of the week.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Make your own fabric covered mat

People give me stuff - lots o' mats!

Looka, someone gave me a whole mess of mats!

Sure the colors are no good
but I'll show you how to cover a mat with fabric.

If it is double-matted, you don't want that little groove to show so turn mat over and spray BACK side of mat with adhesive. Use glue of your choice. I liked the quick coverage of spray adhesive.

Cut the outside edges with scissors or rotary cutter.

You could wrap fabric to backside but I found that creates a tight fit in some frames.
Make snips on inside of mat.

Pretend you are cutting a pizza and make lots and lots of cuts if mat opening is oval or round. (If rectangular or square, cut an "X".)

Pull fabric to backside of mat and glue. Trim long pieces.

Flip over mat and admire your work!

Place inside your frame. The frayed edges will be hidden.

Here's another:

Don't you wish you had room for this?

Me too!

Old school metal lockers for sale, less than $100.

Walking away from them. . .

I am,


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The inspiration behind the silk skirt

Just realized I didn't show ya the Dolce & Gabbana silk scarf skirt that inspired my attempt at a pieced multi pattern skirt.
I first spied it in W fashion magazine and found it
online for $2480.00 - NOW half price!
In truth, it is a clever idea of piecing 4 scarves (2 for front, 2 for back) but the coordination of scarves is, to my eye, not great. Click link above to see the back view of skirt.

SkitzoLeezra's suggestions:

  • Check out your scarf stash or get yourself to a thrift store and whip up one of these skirts!
  • Scarf provides finished edges on hems and finished edges on seams
  • All ya gotta do is make a drawstring waist or add a waistband!