Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pull up a bloody chair

Shown in March 2009 issue of Metropolitan Home,
this "Dexter" chair (inspired by the television show)
has a blood splatter embroidered onto back panel.
Kinda gross, huh?
Hoping blood stains won't be the "new toile" or
it won't devolve to menstrual blood smear motifs on towels and such.

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Mr. Peacock said...

That chair is interesting, and funny with the Dexter context. I also hope it doesn't digress to towels and such

The designer Hedi Slimane, for YSL, did a men's shirt a few years ago with a "blood spatter" made with tiny dangling glass beads. It was also kinda gross, but really beautiful too. I wish I could find a photo to show you