Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Baby stuff

A gal in my Girl's Night Out group had a baby last week and we showered her with gifts at dinner the week before.

While I'm no fan of babies, I actually like making baby gifts. Go figure.

Her first child was to be a male child so off to fabric store in search of masculine fabrics to sew a stack of reversible burp cloths. (No more sewing diapers for me. The diaper fabric slips and slides to make for a jumbled sewn mess.)

Oh Fuh Gawd. Have you shopped for baby fabric? It is the worst. Little cars, little trucks, and girly fabrics galore. Oh, and John Deere shit. Tractor brand for a new born baby? Get this, there's even John Deere motifs in pink. Sure, pink tractors are great for future dykes and farmer chicks but I'm not digging the lame-o bambino themed prints. Wonder if style and good taste disappear with gestation?

who . . . .so not impressed with the fabric choices.

Found a flannel plaid (you KNOW I loves me some plaid) in the apparel fabric section and combined it with a flannel polka dot print. Boy-like but not hokey.

Used a cloth diaper as a cutting guide, sewed the coordinating flannel prints face to face around 3 sides, turned inside out and then top stitched around all 4 sides plus two lines to emulate (simulate?) a true diaper. It gives a bit of body to the burp cloths plus "quilts" the fabric so it lies flat.

The onesie is a quick reverse applique with T-shirt knit scrap. So dang easy. Click HERE to see my tutorial.

The gift wrap was my favorite part. Most baby gifts from me are in the "special delivery" theme. Brown paper packages tied with string, a vintage diaper pin embellished with a blue scrapbook flower sticker plus a rubber stamped paper package tag. The stack of burp cloths and onesie were folded and placed inside brown paper and SEWN closed with a zigzag stitch. Edges were trimmed with pinking shears.

Fast, simple and (as Elizabeth would say) so stinkin' cute.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Chalk it up, dog

Look who I hung out with yesterday ~ ~

George Rodrigue of Blue Dog fame!

The New Orleans Museum of Art sponsored traveling Rodrigue exhibition showed up in my lower left-hand corner of the boot-shaped state that is Louisiana.
Yesterday was a beautiful sunny Saturday and crowds showed up to watch George draw on parking lot pavement with sidewalk chalk. Parents and adults wanted first row looks but allowed the magic to viewed by children.
George drew his familiar and much beloved Blue Dog.

Later, I took credit for drawing it and told my friends he signed it for me. :-)

Here are a few creations by budding artists.

My nephew was good enough to allow me to partake in the day by being my excuse to go. You don't often hear me NOT be sarcastic or jaded but it was a special day. A rare opportunity to be upfront and close to an artist. A real sense of community with youngsters and creativity.

Right place and the right time.
That was me.

Check out the free Blue Dog iPad counting app for children or just to let your eyes get stuck on something fun.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Get yourself organized

Heck, I am so organized, I did my tips LAST YEAR and they can be found by clicking HERE.
~~You're welcome.
At least three of the voices in my head are complete freaking hypocrites because my house presently appears to have several lady hoarders residing there and one might wonder where the other 40 cats are.
A wreck.
A leaking water heater and the mess it created when I cleared everything from the nearby closet.
A master bedroom cleared for ceiling "cottage cheese" scraping and removal.
When my sister asked where to move the mattress, my reply was the dining room. Her sarcastic comment? "Yeah, of course, the dining room is where everyone places their mattress, leaning against the wall."
But just you wait, my friends. I am making progress. Water heater replaced, ceiling scraped, ceiling primed, shopping for light fixture now.
Now, go read my (wh)organizing posts and throw away something, ya freak.

Covered in cat hair
breathing in possibly horrendous dust,

I am,

Skitzo Leezra