Thursday, January 6, 2011

Get yourself organized

Heck, I am so organized, I did my tips LAST YEAR and they can be found by clicking HERE.
~~You're welcome.
At least three of the voices in my head are complete freaking hypocrites because my house presently appears to have several lady hoarders residing there and one might wonder where the other 40 cats are.
A wreck.
A leaking water heater and the mess it created when I cleared everything from the nearby closet.
A master bedroom cleared for ceiling "cottage cheese" scraping and removal.
When my sister asked where to move the mattress, my reply was the dining room. Her sarcastic comment? "Yeah, of course, the dining room is where everyone places their mattress, leaning against the wall."
But just you wait, my friends. I am making progress. Water heater replaced, ceiling scraped, ceiling primed, shopping for light fixture now.
Now, go read my (wh)organizing posts and throw away something, ya freak.

Covered in cat hair
breathing in possibly horrendous dust,

I am,

Skitzo Leezra

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