Sunday, January 23, 2011

Chalk it up, dog

Look who I hung out with yesterday ~ ~

George Rodrigue of Blue Dog fame!

The New Orleans Museum of Art sponsored traveling Rodrigue exhibition showed up in my lower left-hand corner of the boot-shaped state that is Louisiana.
Yesterday was a beautiful sunny Saturday and crowds showed up to watch George draw on parking lot pavement with sidewalk chalk. Parents and adults wanted first row looks but allowed the magic to viewed by children.
George drew his familiar and much beloved Blue Dog.

Later, I took credit for drawing it and told my friends he signed it for me. :-)

Here are a few creations by budding artists.

My nephew was good enough to allow me to partake in the day by being my excuse to go. You don't often hear me NOT be sarcastic or jaded but it was a special day. A rare opportunity to be upfront and close to an artist. A real sense of community with youngsters and creativity.

Right place and the right time.
That was me.

Check out the free Blue Dog iPad counting app for children or just to let your eyes get stuck on something fun.

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