Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cat food tote bag

Inspired by this

Thinking that folks can make a tote bag from juice bags, why not a cat food bag?

Hey, looka, polka dot lining!

The interior green ribbon is a key loop and the tote strap is made from a plaid necktie.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

People give me stuff - 2 bolts of fabric!

I am soooo behind on posting stuff that folks have donated to the SkitzoLeezraStudio.
Look at this - 2, count 'em, TWO bolts of fabric from my friend Virginia. She was organizing her closets and found this fabric. OF COURSE, she knew I would give it a good home.
It is quite liberating to have so much "throw away" fabric. REAL designers and seamstresses make a "muslin" (a preliminary version of their creation to cut, tweak and redrape) and use the muslin as a pattern for the real deal. Amateurs and home crafters use muslin or "throw-away" low quality/cost fabric.
This polka dot fabric will be MY muslin. Because, let me tell ya what I've learned: if you think your project won't turn out so great, it will be fabulous. If you are sure that it will be stunning, it will look like crap. As someone wise once said, sewing machines HATE smugness. Thus, IF the "muslin" turns out great, you probably won't use it because the fabric quality is inferior. This blue and white polka dot fabric isn't so horrible.
Stay tuned for lots of polka dot fabric in my future . . . .