Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cat food tote bag

Inspired by this

Thinking that folks can make a tote bag from juice bags, why not a cat food bag?

Hey, looka, polka dot lining!

The interior green ribbon is a key loop and the tote strap is made from a plaid necktie.


woof nanny said...

Oh wow--cool. I wish I could see the top--did you make a zipper? Looks like you used fabric around the top edge like bias tape.
The dog food bag had a pattern? What? Please tell me where I can find that bag--must blog about it. Thanks for contacting me. I will add your bag to the gallery. I'd email you, but it's hidden on my comment notification. Please email me and tell me what city you live in, and any other construction notes you'd like to share. Thanks!

Skitzo Leezra said...

Woof Nanny!
I just love your name!
And your blog.
To answer your questions:
Bag cut in half, horizontally. (You can make 2 totes from one 16 pound bag.) One seam at bottom. No side seams, used the bag's prefolded creases. No zipper at top. Bias tape sewed around top to attach the liner and finish the rough bag edges. Necktie topstitched and zigzagged with contrasting thread to stabilize the layers.. The bag and liner bottoms are "boxed", I am sure you know how to do that but here's a link. http://skitzoleezrastudio.blogspot.com/2008/08/denim-handbag.html
The bag gapes on the hook but is fine when on shoulder but one could add a magnetic closure or button.
Sorry, do not know the brand of dog food that my friend purchased with the conversion instructions on bag.
Yay, yet another reason for us to start collecting more "trash"!

Saffron said...

cool idea!

Nirmal Singh said...

i got a capri sun bag at walmart, n i walk around with it in nyc. i get alot of compliments about it. i'd like to try my hand at making the catfood bags :)