Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cabinet knob job

Cabinet knobs are like jewelry.
Cheap out and your whole outfit suffers.
Go over the top and it's too much.
Go too literal and you look like a costume.
Now multiply the look by 50 and there is not one cabinet knob in the world I want to see day in and day out. My home had inexpensive white porcelain knobs and I've been in the market for replacements for awhile now but unable to find what I want at the right price X 50.
Eh, I'll just mix what I like. (My buddies Elizabeth and Chrysanthemum are the best pals to pick up onesie knobs in their travels.)
Found a few in my stash and began trading them out. Craft inspiration came to me as I gazed upon my craft supplies left on the kitchen counter from the night before . . . wonder if I can apply embossing powder to a ceramic or porcelain knob?
The short answer: yes.
  • Stamp or draw image onto knob with embossing pen or pad.
  • Sprinkle with embossing powder.
  • Fire up the heat gun.
  • Be happy the porcelain knob didn't shatter into pieces because you know damn well you aren't wearing safety glasses.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Salvaged shirt

There's thrift stores and charity shops and outlet centers but you haven't "pirooted" for treasure until you've been to a "salvage" store with an eclectic array of liquidated or closeout merchandise AND every weirdo in the joint wants to chat with ya. (Shut up, freak, you're cutting into my shopping time.) Anywho, while visiting Chrysanthemum in Mississippi, we hit the local salvage store. Fancy schmancy decorative tile, oscillating fans galore, random bedding and a ton of Target clothing. Remember this blouse from Target's spring Liberty of London collection?

(yeah, that's not me)

Slap a $4 tag on it and watch it gain potential. The peacock feather print is cute so what's my hesitation/objection to a $4 blouse? Um, could it be the completely unnecessary and very stoopid gathered ruffle at the hem? Yes, dear one, ruffles at the widest point of the body are not figure flattering bu-uut . . . $4 is a throw-away price, why not try a revamp.

Firstly, the ruffle is cut off.
It's gone, I tell ya!
Hacked a few inches from
the sleeve length too.

Serge the cut edges on hem and sleeves.
Apply Wash Away Wonder Tape.
Remove tape backing.
You got yourself a
self sticking hem fold.
No pins!
Top stitch hem.
Spritz hem with water
to remove tape goo.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Earring rub and buff

Left earring: after application of rub and buff
Right earring: before

These faux turquoise earrings weren't the correct shade for my ensemble so craft supplies to the rescue. A little rub and buff and earrings are ret' to go.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Park your butt

My buddy Dawn decoupaged and glittered some kick-ash clear glass ashtrays for her smokin' friends.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Remaking my life

Haven't crafted a lot lately but instead seem to be mending and recycling not only clothing but my entire life. For the last 11 years, I've had a comfortable but somewhat boring job with excellent perks but not great pay. I felt stuck. The upside was a certain amount of freedom. The down; feeling trapped and wondering if the next 11 years would pass as quickly with no expectation of change or excitement. I had a little talk with myself and focused on what I wanted without worrying about the financial aspect.
Well, be careful of what you pray for because you might just get it. An employment offer from a chance meeting included doing the most enjoyable tasks ever: spending other people's money and trying to be the boss of them. Yep, I'm in sales again. My true calling. And can you guess it? Shiny things! Caw! Caw!
The last 5 weeks have been crazy with ups and downs. Even while Mom counseled me about the agony of starting a new job and the middle-of-the-night heart stopping sweaty feeling of Oh-my-God-what-have-I-done, it's taking awhile to find my rhythm. My groove is somewhat elusive these days.
I am waking earlier,
NOT going in later,
NOT blogging at work,
NOT talking on the phone with friends,
NOT listening to satellite radio via broadband internet streaming at my desk,
NO longer enjoying a casual 3 minute commute.
The volunteer work has suddenly felt like an onus.
The dearth of creative outlets has cramped my style.
And this is the first Friday I have come home absolutely happy. Dog ass tired but happy.
The house is a wreck. Mail is unopened and in a growing stack. Sewing projects are gathering dust. I can barely keep my eyes open. But I just restrung some beads because my "make something" urges needed an exercise. Wish me well as I struggle to find my mojo, get a good routine and level out the demands on my now very limited time.
And in return, I'll hope your days are filled with promise, fulfillment and shiny things.

Listen in on my talk with self HERE.