Friday, January 9, 2009

Tie silk skirt

With that big silk stash of mine, I attempted a six gored skirt from an online tutorial. I drafted the pattern, computed some math and carefully cut panels from black and blue panels of the silk necktie fabric. Proud to use my serger for the nicely finished edges, I whipped up the skirt in almost no time.

But I made a rookie mistake - I didn't make a muslin version first. The skirt didn't fit. Not even close. With no more black and blue fabric, I added two contrasting red gores on each side. It looked homemade. And sad. Ripped out the red gores (ripped red gores, that sounds somehow gross) and resewed the skirt and gave it to my mom. It looks quite good on her.

Will try another six gore skirt but next time it will be of a "throw away" fabric until I get the math right . . .no more ripped red gores for this girl.

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