Monday, January 5, 2009

Serger magic

Finally ventured into serger land to see what else I could do besides seam finishing. This is a rolled hem (or napkin edge) and it provides a great finish to a raw fabric edge.

Mind you, I do most of my sewing and embroidery experiments on pajama pants because

1) that is what I am usually wearing

2) no need to retain lots of scraps for experiment results

3) easy referral

How many times did I re-thread the looper: 4 times

How many curse words uttered: just 1, but held out for a long note

Emotion at seeing the end result: JOY!


Natasha said...

I really want to try a rolled edge, it's my next big goal but it's so intimidating! You've inspired to get going and try it out!

Skitzo Leezra said...

Rolled edge is one of the reasons I wanted a serger but was too afraid to change the settings. Go for it, Natasha!