Saturday, January 10, 2009

People give me stuff - antique linens

My cousin moved last month and gave me a bag of embroidered linens from my grandmother and great grandmother's houses. Also included, some tatted or crochet trims and a couple doilies. I LOVE embroidered linens. I DISLIKE doilies.

The weirder the motif, the more I like it. Unfortunately, no cocktailing monkeys or anthropomorphic vegetables in the bunch but there was this one kitty in a basket. Too bad kitty is not smoking a cigarette. Alas, my ancestral females were nice Baptist ladies. Woe is me.

Not a big fan of the heart motif but plan to add this trim to a linen hand towel.

THIS atrocity will be either given away or defaced. She looks like a precursor to the Holly Hobbie ilk. Ugh.

Stay tuned for the re-stylings of vintage embroidered linens.


muralimanohar said...

No..what you do with weird stuff like that is, bundle it together, take cool pics, and then have a giveaway and attract more visitors. :p (NO, don't put my name down. I don't like doilies, either.)

Skitzo Leezra said...

That's a great idea, Muralimanohar. 'Cept I don't want to attract visitors that LIKE cute embroidered maidens plus they would be offended by my disgust of Holly Hobbie.
Maybe if I embroider some tattoos on the big dress girl . . . THEN she would be suitable for a giveaway.

Mr X Stitch said...

You should embellish that pink embroidered princess thing, definitely. Maybe give her a burning pit of hell backdrop..? :)

Skitzo Leezra said...

Oh! ~~clap of hands~~ THAT is the best idea! Wish I had thought of it but appreciate your stitching inspiration.