Friday, December 17, 2010

Birthday? Bucket!

So, my brother Rollo's birthday was last week. He doesn't appreciate nice ribbon or a pretty gift bag so how best to bestow his request for underwear and socks?
Then it hit me. A bucket with a lid! Reusable, unique and very practical. THAT is something Rollo can appreciate.
A camouflage print bucket was stuffed with packs of underwear and socks. Bratcake Nephew Gregory made fun of Rollo for receiving a diaper pail for his birthday. (Gregory is a budding smart ass. Good boy.)

Wait, best part: the bucket cost less than a fancy paper gift bag.
One more idea for ya:
Ann no longer purchases the pretty bags for a nice gift presentation but instead places gifts in the cute reusable grocery bags.
If ya really wanna mess with someone's anticipation level, purchase a brand new paint can (found on the paint supply aisle), place gift inside
and hammer the lid down in a snug-like manner. Hide the can opener and watch your very own personal meltdown show.

Or diaper pail?
Whatchagonna use?

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