Monday, January 25, 2010

Solid Gold

My buddy Dawn had a Solid Gold themed karaoke birthday party so searched for my costume because neither my closet nor costume stash contains gold lame' and such tackiness.

If you can believe it, this gold sweater was waiting for me at a local thrift store! WooHoo! It was a $4 kind of shiteous but who cares - it's gold!

UGLY, before

Tried it on and realized the fold-over "collar" drove me nuts. I cannot tolerate "fussy" clothing. Y'know, things that don't lie flat, need constant adjusting, etc. It's the reason I rarely wear lightweight scarves and love tailored clothing. To party all night long and have that collar thingie riding up would have brought on a huge case of monkey nerves with a very probable ending with my drunken gin and juice fueled sawing off of man-made fibers with a borrowed pocket knife. Not good. So, a revamp for the sweater tramp was attempted. No biggie if I ruined it, right? Could a gold shimmer sweater with lioness tassels be ruined? Is that possible? I mean, a big red wine stain would be an upgrade.

Folded up the collar or cowl neck or whatever it's called.

Looked at a scoop neck t-shirt and guessed at cut line. I cut it, I tell ya!

Puzzled over the next step. Right sides together? Join edges to outside or inside? Collar seam inside or outside? There was no way I was gonna fix it if I sewed it wrong so pinned, unpinned, re-pinned.

Serged the edges. I had taupe thread but too lazy to change 4 cones of serger thread plus the finished edge would be hidden so no dark thread would show through sweater weave.

Here 'tis!

UGLY, after

From UGLY to STILL UGLY but more comfortable. Because that's what's it's all about: I'll suffer for pretty but ugly? No, ugly needs to be comfortable.

(Check out my gold multi-chain necklace worn with the gold "pearls" I strung!)

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