Friday, January 1, 2010

(Wh)Organizing the holidays

Okay, okay.
Maybe I did sleep all day and drove to Dillard's at the last minute to purchase 2 new pair of shoes at half price before the six o'clock closing time but
you should've been putting away your holiday decorations today. (The agnostics and atheists should have less crap but let's not assume.)
You will hear me preach the mantra of "like goes with like" over and over again but sometime ya gotta know the rules to break the rules. One approach is to store all decorative ornaments together, then all lights together, all garlands together. IF you switch it up every year, that approach would work but if you tend to decorate by color or tone or room, organize your holiday decorations thusly. I have boxes labeled SILVER STUFF, FRONT DOOR GARLAND, GOLD STUFF, PINK & GREEN STUFF, etc. Each box contains items for one location or one theme so if I get lazy (like this year), I can pull one box and find everything I need for one room.
THINK about your stuff before storing. Cull before storing. I have way too much Christmas stuff so cleared some seldom used decor items and sold them in a garage sale this year. Someone out there is enjoying my fish themed garland and ornaments this holiday and it makes me happy.
Get your labels and mark those boxes and bins because if you don't have an inventory on the outside, what's the use? While we're talking labels, let's cut the bullshit about the fancy shmancy label makers. I have one, like it but don't use it for Christmas decorations because the contents change. Use large adhesive backed shipping labels and write in your most legible handwriting.
If you asked me to retrieve a specific seasonal ornament or item, I could hand it to you in less than 5 minutes. Can you say the same?

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