Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Glitz and glitter

As a little girl, I enjoyed ballet dance recitals and feeling glamorous for a short evening but mostly I was a natural fibers girl and preppy all the way through school and beyond. Never a fan of glitz and glam and glitter and have postulated that the older the lady, the more shiny her clothing choices and often joke that those old bingo ladies confuse the planets with their shiny-as-the-sun ensembles. In fact, I'm pretty sure the December 26, 2008 tsunami was caused by female senior citizens wearing their flashy and trashy Christmas sweaters and rocking the sun off its trajectory.

Usually I shun any clothing with a hint of glimmer and yet today I sit in front of you wearing a sweater with a bit of shimmer. Damn it all, I'm getting old. Not yet wearing shiny crap from head to toe but trying real hard to resist, Ringo.

However COMMA Dawn's Solid Gold karaoke birthday party preparation brought out the repressed shiny side and I decided I to see how the tackier side of life dressed by revamping my tired cracking boots.

Brushed on a couple coats of gold paint and top coat of glitter paint.
Added "stitched" detail with gold Sharpie pen.

(stay tuned to learn more of the painted boot adventure . . . . .)

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