Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gift wrap center

One easy to assemble unfinished pine hutch from Lowe's that perfectly fits in a standard depth closet. I would insert a link but the Lowe's website sucks. Walk down the storage and shelf aisle and look for ideas. Measure your closet depth!
Boxes and baskets store tinsel bows, tape, small paper bags and gift enclosure cards.
The Coca~Cola 6-bottle carrier contains paper remants for small gifts.
Vintage paper collater sorts the tissue paper stash. You can buy one HERE or look at garage sales and such.
Small gifts are on third shelf. I have wiped out a few things over the last year so need to replenish. Usually I keep nice soaps, candles, journals, stationery and tea towels on hand along with other things I pick up when on sale ~OR~ Re-Gifts.
That's right. I am not above passing on something that I don't dig but someone else will. Do yourself a favor and attach a Post It note to the potential gift with the original giver's name. Not good to give the gift to the person that gave it to you. Not good at all.

Gift bags are sorted by size and color then tied onto rod with ribbon.
(I actually purchased large curtain rings with metal clips to fit the rod but cannot remove rod without another pair of very strong hands. It is jammed, I tell ya, stuck!)
Empty gift boxes stacked on wire shelf.
Purchased a mongo pack of tissue and though I am anal retentive, I was too lazy to fold all those sheets and jam into the collator so did the quick fix with a men's pant clamp hanger.

Gift wrap stash. I purchase paper everywhere but usually opt for seasonless designs. I don't
purchase Christmas themed paper. No matter the age or gender, most of my paper choices will work. Bought a big roll of dark brown paper and there is not one ribbon that doesn't look good with it. Bright green, white, pink, blue - it all looks fab. Bright green is another good year 'round gift wrap color. One choice of paper that looks good with everything is a space saver.

Note: I have plenty of space for multiple rolls of paper and lots of boxes so have acquired quite a stash. You will need to adjust to your prescribed space.

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