Monday, March 15, 2010

Cat food messenger bag

How "green" is this?

A messenger bag I made from a cat food bag and free notions. You heard me.

Cleaned and rinsed cat food bag and then kinda made it up as I went along. Instead of attaching a button or closure, I fashioned a tab with a heavy but sparkly belt buckle from the People Give Me Stuff stash. Give me something and I will eventually use it, I tell you. The weight of the buckle will keep the flap down.

Lining made of quilting cotton with a scrap fabric pocket for interior. "Boxed" the corners for a flat bottom.

Because men's neckties are cut on the bias and thus, not very stable, I zigzagged the crap out of the necktie strap. The quilting effect feels fabu.

One side of the strap was long enough to double on itself to form a pocket with the broad tip plus a cell phone pocket.

Look closely for the tie point below the orange stitched strip.

Opposite side of strap with a toggle closure to hold keys.

Just in case you're afraid that I don't know this bag is as ugly as homemade sin, let me assure you, I do. Heinous, perhaps. I was playing around and didn't wanna "waste" good bias tape and a pretty necktie if it didn't work. Thinking I might wanna make another now that I've learned a couple tricks.

Check out my previous cat food tote.

Oh wait, there's more!

A wallet made of the remaining piece with bias tape and a snap.

That's one cat food bag with practically no waste!


Saffron said...

super idea! I actually kept a bag like that after I saw yours to make one. I haven't actually done it yet.. my friend here has a bag made with scrap vinyl chair fabric and an inner tube. very sturdy! and very retro looking

Michelle said...

OMG, that is BRILLIANT!!!! I love this! I am going to make one in preparation for my becoming "the crazy lady with all the cats."

Skitzo Leezra said...

Thanks, good people!
Guess I am already at "crazy lady" stage because I am accepting cat food bags from others; I don't even buy bags that large!

Louisiana Momma said...

that is genius.. seriously!! Now I'M going to be looking for cute dog food bags that I could use that way :-)

Tamonster said...

hhahahaha i LOVE this!