Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sock monkeys

Love the Kia Sorrento commercial with the child's backseat toys coming to life and taking a joyride to Vegas. The sock monkey getting an embroidered tattoo is quite clever and I find it curious the tattoo scene isn't included in every airing. Is it too edgy for some demographics?
When my grandmother made sock monkeys for the younger grandchildren, I was too old to want one but they've always amused me. Thinking the sock monkey is an American phenomenon. Okay, just checked, it is. The history is interesting and you can check it out HERE.
This sock monkey fabric cracks me up because of the creative layout but even more so for the name: Sock Monkey Yearbook.

And that's what I like the most about the sock monkey icon and its many treatments. It is an interesting American story, not trademarked and ripe for many interpretations.

Check out this custom $1500 sock monkey dress by artist Rebecca Yaker at Hazel and Melvin's Room site.

But wait, how funny is this sock monkey dress with the red monkey butt?

Sock monkeys in a blender? Yep. Got that.

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Tamonster said...

HAH! I had no idea the history of the sock monkey! Thanks!