Thursday, March 4, 2010

Project Runway in a fun way

I gotta brag on my friend Elizabeth and her church friends. They organized a Project Runway night overnight "lock-in" for girls in grades 4, 5 & 6. That's ages 9 through 11, right? Get this, 43 signed up and they had to turn away another 10 more because they didn't register on time. Some girls brought friends as guests.
Elizabeth and the organizers followed the Project Runway format with the first show toast of champagne sparkling fruit juice, a dash to form teams and table full of folded fabrics grouped by color a la Mood Fabrics. A sample wall included jewelry, hats, shoes and accessories of every ilk.
Their first project was a super
easy tote bag made with a T-shirt the girls brought from home. (An adult machine sewed the bottom seam of the totes.)
Walk it down the runway and show off your tote bag.
Next, embellish a plain white T-shirt with an array of trims, buttons, ribbon, etc.
Show it off, girls. Strut the T and show us what you did.
Last, a tutu.
Let's see a parade of tutus, ladies. (What girl doesn't like a tutu?)
There was even a hair and make-up room so the girls could have fun just playing around for kicks. Their hair and make-up went from barely there to overdone as the evening progressed.
Elizabeth tells me "fancy" food was served on fabric tablecloths with candles which made the girls feel very special. She was impressed with their creativity and enthusiasm. The organizers gave the girls goodie bags to carry their projects home along with some printed instructions for more projects. The girls had a great time and want to do it again.
Hoping the Project Runway party trend catches on!

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