Friday, February 12, 2010

Giving a lift to the thrift

So, when gathering glitz and glam for Dawn's Solid Gold karaoke party, I purchased a "gold" multi-chain necklace that worked with the revamped neckline of the shimmery gold sweater. Since 1980's Solid Gold was the theme, I added a big honkin' teardrop shape "diamond" pendant that I found in my stash and rocked it out like I was on "Dynasty".
After the glitter and shine wore off and I unpacked my party shame, I removed the "diamond" and replaced back to the shiny jewelry part stash.
Then my shiny lovin' eyes stared at the multi-chains and wondered . . . . .would I wear that "in real life"? Attached my mom's cool vintage turquoise embellished watch pendant from my recent jewelry grab and decided I liked the mix. Wound the watch and guess what? It works!
Have received a few compliments on my new jewelry find and love that it cost me a whopping $2!

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