Monday, February 22, 2010

Practice run of cotton blouse

New Look 6803

My mom says ignorance sometimes serves as a good thing because you don't know enough to be intimidated. You don't know what you don't know. Apparel sewing is still new to me. Sure, I can make a drawstring skirt but things that fit? Not in my skill set.

Because I read so many sewing blogs, the idea of a "practice muslin" finally sunk into my stubborn brain. If it is a good idea for sewing veterans, maybe it's a good idea for a newbie.
Quilting fabric* pulled from my mom's stash. Fabric pre-washed. Fabric ironed. Fabric cut from pattern view "A" (sleeveless blue dress) at blouse length.

Easy tucks at neckline but once I began to construct the blouse, the desire to use those neat finishing techniques from Michelle's Cheap and Picky blog interrupted my progress. I sent her a late night e-mail and she was kind enough to share her expertise on her blog.

Here are my attempts to play with the big girls:

  • missed my opportunity to do complete French seams at shoulder so folded under the seam allowances and topstitched. This is when I realized I needed Michelle's instructions.

  • Shoulder seam interior - tacked bias tape edge to inside to stabilize interfacing piece. (I skipped the iron-on interfacing step because I didn't want it to be too stiff. Shame on me. It was too wimpy so had to hand tack at shoulders, front and back.

  • For front neckline, made small tack stitches to back of pleats to hide threads.

  • Same thing for back of neck - hand tacked down to center back seam allowance.

  • Fashioned my own split seams.

  • Serged raw edges.

  • Why did it take so long to post? Well, at some point, I realized the bust was entirely too large so tailored to friend's size. There is no way I am gonna "waste" all my time on a throw away practice muslin; someone is gonna wear the quilting cotton blouse, dammit all. Believe it or not, it looks cute on my friend. Gave it to her but forgot to take photos. Visited the shirt this week and took the snaps. Not sure I'll revisit the pattern again but I learned alot.
    Thanks for your help, Michelle!

    *The Selfish Seamstress says nothing screams "homemade" like clothing made of quilting cotton and I must admit the wrinkled shirt on hanger photo isn't fantastic. Visualize it under a cute brown jacket, styled with leather cord necklace. It kinda has that Ralph Lauren or Hilfiger vibe.

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Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

If only I could sew! Someday. And I WILL use this tutorial!