Monday, February 8, 2010

Easiest scarf ever

Saw a cute gingham scarf tutorial on the I Heart Linen blog and the very next day, Mom called me from Hobby Lobby to ask if I needed anything while she was there. Gingham, please! I wanna make some scarves!
That day was cold and rainy so suppose the gingham happy spring colors didn't grab her. Instead she grabbed 2 yards each of 2 tan and black print fabrics. One check, the other plaid. Love plaid and tartan, don't ya know.
Cut 8 scarves 2 yards in length and about 8 to 10 inches in width. In little time, all scarves were fringed and I had a large ball of thread on my lap. My fringe tips:
  • use a straight pin

  • stick pin in the middle of fringe edge

  • separate 1 or 2 threads

  • drag pin away from fabric until threads are free

  • repeat repeat repeat

  • match fringe length on opposite side

Instead of following the directions and folding over the long edges twice, I simply ran a straight stitch. It kinda disappears when the edges roll over while wearing.

Super fast, super cheap and super easy.
(Just like your ma!)

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