Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mama's got a brand new bag

My mom sewed everything in the world, back in the day.
She loved it, she was good at it and there was nothing she couldn't do; be it cheerleader uniforms, ballet costumes, formal gowns, Halloween costumes, quilts, you name it. Her things were well made and fashionable so I didn't even know "did someone make that for you?" could be anything but a positive question. Heck, Mom could look at a dress at a store then go home and make it without a pattern.
Since then she has dabbled and excelled in other interests: photography, drafting, painting . . .while the sewing machine no longer calls her name, she had a bounce back recently, thanks to me, perhaps.
While scouting the department store's place mat inventory for
my organizers, she found pretty Ralph Lauren prints and made an overnight bag, make-up bag and tote for flat iron and blow dryer from place mats! She's still got mad skills, I tell ya.

Messenger bag, with interior pockets shown below

Make-up bag with pockets sized for specific products
Tote sized for flat iron, blow dryer and travel mirror


elizabeth said...

0mg...love the plaid!

Louisiana Momma said...

awesome love those bags!! My mom is an excellent seamstress.. and much like your mom - she hadn't sewn in years.. until I enlisted her help to make a skirt.. since then she bought a new machine and has been sewing like made.. clothes for the kids.. blankets etc..

Skitzo Leezra said...

Plaid is my favorite color, E!
La Mom - my mom told me that sewing for tots with no hips or curves is a lot easier and faster!