Saturday, August 21, 2010

I'm a hanger-on

I've told ya before if we were in prison, you would want to know me. Not only do I know where to find stuff but I also have an uncanny knack for listening to and gleaning folk's preferences, wish lists and wants.
I had a small pile 'o stuff left over from estate sale finds and People Give me Stuff stash that was too cool to toss in the trash but not desirable enough to sell on eBay and not useful enough to donate to Goodwill.

Box o' stuff from Kay:
I kept the faux cameos & keys
and gave
the ephemera to Cathe

What's a pack-rat-crafter-afraid-of-becoming-a-hoarder to do? Puh-lease, I knew exactly the most suitable recipient - Cathe Holden of Just Something I Made fame. Cathe is a graphic artist, swell crafter and fantastic blogger who appreciates the often overlooked and is super generous in sharing her talented ideas.

Take a look at what she did with a little bank "gimme" I gave her via Kay's box o' stuff. My recycled junk in an artist's talented hands, it's a good thing.

What can you share today?

You give what you get.
You get what you give.

This week, I get to be a hanger-on because Cathe's growth chart posting was shown on yesterday's One Pretty Thing printable round up.
Woo Hoo!

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Kittie Howard said...

Thanks, Leezra. And you're right. The memorial service was this weekend. Pierre Louie will be buried in France in the father's family plot. For Susan and step-father Gene this was the funeral. Susan can't attend because Gene was in the hospital with stress-related problems, but is doing fine now. Susan and I talk at least once a day, Gene more and more with my hub....there is harmony, tho, even a sense of peace within Gene and Susan since the service...this situation will take awhile (the trial) but the day-to-day foundation builds.