Thursday, August 5, 2010

Frog skirt

Had a small scrap of frog fabric and made a tiny hiney skirt for a tiny hiney little girl. It's a curse and a blessing, I tell ya, to not toss fabric scraps because little girl skirts are super fast and super easy so why not make them?

Folded over top for elastic casing and had a stroke of genius.
Instead of also stringing ribbon through the casing, I simply tied it between the button holes. It makes for easy removal for laundering or switching ribbon colors plus a great way to use shorter lengths of scarce or costly ribbon. This ribbon is neither.

This is why I shouldn't sew while drowsy. I sewed the button holes through 2 layers of fabric. The fix: a small patch of fabric and lots of zigzag stitches.

How's about a cute hem? It's harder for me to tell ya how I did it than just doing it.

Turn skirt right side out.
Serge or zigzag raw hem edge.

Turn eyelet trim wrong side up.
Line up eyelet trim straight edge to skirt hem.
Machine stitch close to edge.

Fold eyelet down.
Iron to press crease.
Top stitch.

Press again without creasing the eyelet ruffles.

Deliver to little girl and prepare to be delighted when her mom sends you a phone photo of said girl modeling "her new favorite skirt".

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