Saturday, August 7, 2010

A housekeeping peeve

Trash cans should have liners.

Wastebaskets do not.


Wastebaskets are not receptacles for wet, nasty stuff thus no liner necessary. A cheap plastic wastebasket ruins bathroom decor in a second. Add a plastic bag or worse, a plastic grocery bag knotted on the outside rim and prepare for me fling it down your hallway.

My fancy friend has a large Waterford crystal champagne bucket and for 11 months out of the year, it serves as a wastebasket near her make up vanity. For her big Christmas soiree, the crystal bucket is filled with cranberries and water to anchor fabulous red roses. I know, I know, I hate red roses too but I gotta admit, with the right flower it's beautiful.

Anywho, wastebaskets.

Keep it classy, people.


Michelle said... would HATE my house! Not only do I have a cheap plastic wastebasket in the bathroom...there is a grocery bag inside it!

muralimanohar said...

I'm a cleaner. Nothing nastier than a bathroom basket at that time of the month. I'm a HUGE fan of a liner. Even the office, people spit their gum in there with no paper, among other nasty things. Have some decency, people!!! Style be damned!!

Oh, hey, you...enable your email address, so people like me can just hit reply to your comments, rather than posting random, unrelated comments to your posts, such as, HEY!! I haven't seen your blog in AGES!! Talk about slacking...I can't keep up anymore with all the blogs I am a fan of, and it's a TRAGEDY!! I don't even know which service I use that I have you saved to to find you, rofl!

SkitzoLeezra said...

Oh Michelle, that simply won't do. Let's elevate your style while I offer a compromise.
Get yourself to the garden section of Home Depot or Lowe's and find a nice woven basket plant cover. AND they are plastic lined! Don't like the color? Spray paint it.
~~You're welcome~~

Teresa Evangeline said...

I just refently removed the liner, i.e. grocery bag, from my bathroom wastebasket. Yikes! Just in the nick of time.

Melissa said...

okay crafty crafties, you can also place a paper liner in the BOTTOM of the trashcan to catch that sticky gum. trace the bottom of your trash can onto a piece of paper and then cut inside the pattern to fit INSIDE. You see this in fancy hotel trash cans. However, in the office, I would totally go with the liner...I don't know why people turn into total slobs when they get to work?

Kristie said...

You're hilarious. This is my first time reading your work and you've started my day out with several good laughs, I'll be back. I like the idea for fake wood cover up. We recently bought risers for our bed for more storage. I am almost used to having to use a parachute to get out of bed and climbing on the cedar chest to get in the bed, but I'll never get over how ugly those things are. I'm going to have to add five inches of length to my bed skirt so you can't see the boxes underneath, but it's better than tripping over them somewhere. Thanks for the idea - and the laughs.