Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jar head

If silver and somewhat shiny and found at an estate sale, I'm gonna snatch it up in my greedy little hands before anyone else notices.
Found these vintage antique old canning jar lids made of aluminum and glass.

And dang-it-all if I didn't spy NEW jar lids just a day or two later IN BRUSHED SILVER!

AFTER I spray painted gold jar lids in coordinating colors for my button jars.

Way to get in the white metal trend of the last 15 years, Ball.

Please to enjoy, a study in anal retentive organization.
And an excuse to use my new/old label maker.
Good times in the Skitzo Leezra world.

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Teresa Evangeline said...

"Button, Button, Who's got the button?" Leezra does, that's who! I love old buttons and once bought a jar full at an antique store. Containers are good. I had a small collection of blue jars with different styles of lids. They went in the Salvation Army giveaway when I left Santa Fe. I covet your label maker.