Monday, August 9, 2010

Buck Face

Stitched a couple tea towels with images from Aunt Martha's Big Game Animals (3969) pattern.

The outline stitch was quick and easy but when I began to stitch the details on Buck Face, I wished I had trimmed to the pattern to omit the eyes and such. When stitching on looser weave, eyes are tough to get right. One shift of the weave or thread and you got a cross-eyed deer. It's disturbing, I tell ya.
Sooooo, I tried removing out the ironed-on transfer with laundry pre-wash and guess what, it worked! Next time, I'll trim their faces off before ironing.

Would love to take credit for the abstract silhouette look but it was the result of pure laziness on my part. As I stared at the finished towels, I saw a modern striped interpretation of camouflage animals.

Leezra dissolved my bucking face off!

I can't see you, dear

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