Sunday, April 18, 2010

I am not a good example but a horrible warning

I did a bad thing.

Last week I posted about a few unfortunate decor trends in a typical Skitzo Leezra rant because, hey, it's a spin of the dominant personality wheel here. One day - praise. The next day - shame.

However comma I took it way too far by posting photos that weren't mine but wait, there's more.
And let this be a lesson to you . . .
Ugh, it's baaaaad.
Last night, a bit tipsy* after attending a really fun shindig, I logged on to check out my Google reader and spied yet another not favorite craft project AND ~~~ I posted a negative comment directly to the blog chick! WITH MY NAME!
Horrible, right?
One of the nicer Skitzo Leezra personalities thought about it this morning but didn't immediately attempt to delete the message and, you guessed it, the blog chick victim already read it and was so upset that she blogged about my hateful comment.
AND, to make it even worse, she didn't call me out by name so not only do I feel like an asshole, I know I am an asshole.
While I'd like to think that we can critique ourselves and have an open discussion about things we dig and things we don't dig, my action were over the top.
Shame on me.
The good thing? She is getting lots of positive feedback from her followers about idiots like me and I am experiencing a learning moment.

Working on my apology,
I am,
Skitzo Leezra Studio

*I hate when folks blame their bad behavior on drinking. The original blog entry was bad while sober but the direct comment would not have occurred while sober. Instead, I would've just rolled my eyes and scrolled down.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Really? This is your pathetic excuse for a blog? Considering your lack of comments , I take it you don't have many followers. Not surprising.