Saturday, April 10, 2010

A decor rant

Chrysanthemum and I have had mean laughs at a nameless person's expense because we think their house is decorated like the lobby of a Hampton Inn. Perfectly neat, all new furniture, everything matches but devoid of personality and absolutely without soul.
I like interiors that reflect the owner with little clues about their passion or interest. Clues, I tell ya, not over-the-top advertisements.
When Sammy the cat came to live with me, also came feline themed gifts. If there is anything I've learned, it is this: cut off the unintended collections that one or two items might infer. Hey, I have a cat so why hell do I need to decorate my house with cat motifs? The real thing is enough.

Conversely, if you have children/motorcycle/sports interest, it is NOT a clue to a decor theme.

I've seen enough of the blog world's amateur attempts at home decor and the narcissism it illustrates. How many family photos is too many?
Seen far too many "Family Rules" plaques ~~~~(image deleted)
Thinking it is a byproduct of the crazed mommy scrap bookers running out of paper and considering their house an extension of the endless photos of the same kid, in the same pose, in the same outfit. Andy Warhol they are not. He understood repetition. Everyone else should step away. And Ann Geddes created enough havoc on her own, really, no needs to emulate her brand of cutesy puke.

And if I see one more shitty-assed burlap wreath, I'm gonna douse it with kerosene.
(image deleted)

Call it a hate crime because it is established that I hate all manner of cutesy and have kept my mouth shut for far too long.

Hey lady, your wreath is on fire.


Michelle said...

I can't believe you found that many pictures of burlap wreaths. I have never seen one of these monstrosities! But yeah, people make some interesting decorating choices. Although anyone who visited my house would think that my hobbies were clutter and dog hair, based on the two things one sees first when they walked in the door!!

Skitzo Leezra said...

Oh Fuh Gawd, there are tons of burlap wreaths out there but I protected the guilty because some photos are emblazoned with the proud creator's name.
Google "burlap wreaths" the next time you found yourself without ipecac.
This has been your helpful hint of the day.