Friday, April 30, 2010

Fashion Friday


Or maybe Flashback Friday ~~~

Back in the day, baby sis and I loved our Tretorn sneakers, which were hard to find in a small Southern town. The only local source was the Racquet Club. The original blue, subtle white and even plaid gullwing insignia pairs were worn and worn out. We even had the allover plaid print. She had the red; I had the green/blue but with the more understated white shoe laces.
Over the years, Tretorns became more and more scarce until we converted to Polo canvas boat sneakers.
A couple years ago, a shelter magazine asked designer folk what they were buying for Christmas gifts. Kate Spade was giving Tretorn sneakers to all on her list. The Tretorn store opened in NY about the same time
Oh good, they're making those again! Requested and received a pink gullwing pair for my next birthday.
Available from OR Amazon!

Not a sneaker girl? How about rain boots?


stephy said...

I LOVE TRETORNS! I used to wear them in high school. I want some more again. They will be mine! Oh yes they will be mine. Those boots kill me!

Kimberly said...

Hell to the yes!