Monday, July 12, 2010

& Pinwheels for free

Not content to stop with recycled soft drink bottle flowers, I cut up a dog food bag and made pinwheels.
(I was inspired by a forgotten blogger's scrapbook paper pinwheels but hellfire, I cannot remember/find the post. If you've seen it, please let me know so I can give credit.)

Dog or cat food bag, heavy duty plastic


Paper fastener brads

Hole punch

String or wire

Cut a square of any size.

(Too large squares result in floppy pinwheels.)

Fold a corner over to determine center.

Mark it or eyeball it. Punch a hole in it.

From a corner toward the center,
make a cut,
leaving a 1/4" or so between the cut and the hole.
Repeat so you have 4 cuts.

Folding the corners toward the center
results in petal-shaped pieces.

Punch a hole in each corner.
From the bottom of one corner,
push a brad into the hole and
fold over toward the center hole.

Repeat, adding the remaining three sections
before pushing brad through center hole.

Secure brad by folding out the "wings".

Punch a hole in top "petal" and hang from string.

Watch the pinwheels flutter in the breeze.

~ OR ~

Wrap light weight floral wire around
brad wings on back for
continuous garland and add more pinwheels.

Cheap and easy, just like your ma!

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Teresa Evangeline said...

Still laughing....and love your pinwheel idea.