Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lands' End canvas tote

Are you a freak for a tote bag like me?

I have a few of the Lands' End and LL Bean canvas tote bags so when I realized I needed a gift for an incoming volunteer board member, I remembered Lands' End had select totes on sale. Their newer versions have nice interior pockets so ordered one for myself too.

WooHoo! Color and monogram selected for the chick of the hyphenated last name. Mind you, if her name is Rikki Tikki Savi: a typical monogram reads RTS but the centered monogram style would read as rSt. I've known monogram protocol forever but this chick has two last names so unsure if I confused the name order or the friendly Lands' End order taker transposed the initials. The bag arrived and looked great. The next week, I read the intended tote bag receiver's name again and HammerOfThor, I realized the order of initials was wrong. Hellfire!
Spoke with a Lands' End operator and she assured me the second bag would arrive in time for the next board meeting and even checked my last order to make sure we didn't make the same mistake twice but here's why I am sharing this story in the first place: when I said I would just keep the first bag, the friendly sales rep gave me the option to return it.
But I am not sure it wasn't my fault, I said.
We guarantee our merchandise so if it is something you didn't want, we will give you credit for it.
AND, you can take it to your local Sears store for a no shipping cost return!
Impressive customer service, don't you think?

Wish I had taken a photo of both bags. The original color was not in stock but the second bag was just as cute. Took both bags to the board meeting and asked New Chick which bag she preferred. Both!
Look more closely.
Oh, that one.
Whew! At least one of them was correct.
Yay, Lands' End!


relevent married guy said...

Did you know that L.L.Bean still makes thier signature totes in Maine?

Deanna said...

I love my small LE tote but the handles are starting to get grungy. Do you clean yours? If so, how/with what??

SkitzoLeezra said...

Deanna. have you tried cleaning the handles with a Tide Stick? It works on smudges and spots. If that doesn't work, try this: place emptied bag on countertop near sink, dampen handles and rub in liquid laundry detergent or laundry pre-treatment liquid, rinse and allow to dry overnight.
Hope that helps!