Friday, May 14, 2010

Fashion Friday - What to Wear?

I'm not gonna profess myself to be the best dressed but after looking at too many "People of WalMart" photos, I've gotta be in the Top 20 of MY local WalMart.

NOT me

Anywho, what the hell do you wear when a dress code is nebulous, say "dressy casual" or "creative holiday"?
Some would say that "one can never overdress" but I disagree. Instead, I opt to strive for the middle. Not the bland middle but neither overdressed nor under dressed.

Example, you're packing your bag to attend a national convention and will need attire for a cocktail party. What you pack is what you'll wear because there will be no time to shop. It's not your city and folks are coming from every state. What others consider cocktail wear may differ from your idea. Ladies who don't get out much will wear a shiny an unfortunate dress that is an "interesting" mix of prom and lounge singer while some arrive in ragged out jeans and flip flop sandals. It's reallllllly easy to opt for a place in between. Nice dress pants with a pretty blouse and jewelry. Cute dress and heels. Whatever. C'mon, I don't need to draw you a picture - just don't be an extreme.
Now, as I remember, the Preppy Handbook stated the best thing to wear to any event is the exactly the entirely inappropriate thing, like your tennis whites to a brunch party or dressy clothing to the PTA meeting because you have other places to go. What a great device to scoot out of a place you don't be!

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Michelle said...

People of Wal Mart makes me feel so much better about my style choices.

And I love the idea of dressing like you have someplace else to go! I used to wear suits to work all the time, but everyone would ask me if I had a job interview, so I stopped ;)