Saturday, May 29, 2010

Flower power

Following so many sewing and craft blogs on Google Reader, it's easy to forget on whose blog I spied a neat pattern. Anywho, someone mentioned a vintage McCall's pattern with millinery fabric flowers (that means hats, I tell ya). . . only to learn that the pattern was re-issued as M6047.
This week I found myself in one of the last existing WalMart stores with a fabric department and remembered the pattern. The number in my head was transposed but quickly found in the McCall's pattern book. Two remaining patterns in the drawer, yay. As I took two steps away from the pattern cabinet, I flipped the pattern over to see the price. "Dang!", I must've said aloud because the fabric clerk looked up and asked if I needed help.

"I didn't realize the pattern was $17.95," and wondering if I really needed it.

"Let me scan it for you. Our pattern prices are usual lower than marked. Yes, it is $6.50."



Michelle said...

Phew, I don't think I would pay 17.00 for a Big 4 pattern! I have the hardest time paying that for Hot Patterns and Jalie...and I only buy those once in a blue moon. Glad you got a good deal on the pattern! Can't wait to see what you make.

SkitzoLeezra said...

Figured I could find craft tutorials for most of those flowers but the $6.50 price worked.


cool pattern! Nice that you got it for $6.50!