Friday, May 28, 2010

Fashion Friday

First of all, I didn't make this jacket.

(oops, I didn't straighten it on the dress form, it really does hang straight.)

I notice more detail about finishing and construction of clothing now that I've sewn a few things.
Check out the finer points of the summer weight 3/4 sleeve jacket.

Lapel detail

Inside lapel

Welt pocket

REAL working buttonholes!

Back vent


This jacket kinda intimidates me because if I couldn't sew a jacket at least as well as this, why bother?

From where did I purchase it?
You're gonna be surprised.

You heard me.
Looking for quality linen tea towels once in their Martha Stewart line and nope, no more.
On the way out, the jacket caught my eye.
Paid for it and was pleasantly surprised with a 20% discount = $24!

(Not on sale now, but
here's the link.)

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