Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Skirt from scraps

Last May, Chrysanthemum and I did another skirt marathon with summer fabrics. She graciously left behind her fabric scraps and I found there was juuuuuust enough of the sheer paisley print for a shorter skirt for sister RikkiTikkiTavi. Happily, Ernest sent me a box of varied fabrics last month and this cool purple is perfect for an under layer.

Over the weekend, I ignored overdue tasks in the house and used every shortcut I could think of to sew this skirt.


  • Used RikkiTikkiTavi's favorite skirt as a pattern

  • Serged the sheer fabric side seams

  • Serged the purple underlay side seams and hem

  • Joined sheer and purple layers at the top with foldover elastic

  • Straight stitched the purple hem

  • DID NOT hem the sheer layer but left the raw and cool looking selvage edge.

Complete and really cute! Another FREE skirt!

Hope to have a photo of Rik in skirt soon.

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