Monday, November 9, 2009

Book review

For a state ranked so low in education levels, my left-handed bottom corner of Louisiana has a great public library system. My local branch recently offered a jewelry making class and for the price of ~~FREE~~ the bead choices were pretty good.
Anywho, the class reinvigorated my interest in crafting my very own baubles. The facilitator had new jewelry books on display and I rushed home to reserve as many as possible on the library online system but had no idea that all would be available in 2 days. WooHoo, a stack of books, full of ideas and inspiration!
(Checking out library copies is a great way to find books not available at your local bookstore and then, if you like it, order the book.)

Here are a few cool books you might want to check out:
  • Beadalicious by Sonya Nimri
25 projects with good instructions and nice explanation of bead choices.
  • Bejeweled: beautiful fashion jewelry to make and wear by Claire Aristides

Very detailed, fabulous photography and a nice touch, a variation of each featured project.

  • Beading with Pearls: beautiful jewelry, simple techniques by Jean Campbell
Simply inspiring.
  • Make it in minutes: memory jewelry by Liz Eaton
With any degree of imagination, you can adapt these rather pedestrian ideas to something less scrapbook-y and more artsy.

And my two favorites of the stack,
  • Stitched jewels by Marthe LeVan

Lots of ideas to tweak and personalize. LOVE the fabric covered button bracelet! Expect to see one on this site in the future.
  • Rejuvenated jewels: gorgeous designs with vintage jewelry and beads by Amy Hanna
Ho-ly Mother of Pearl, this is a dangerous book. Kinda like telling crack heads that there are "rocks" to be found in your neighbor's backyard. You'll want to step up your garage/estate sale activity once you see Amy's creations and stash AND beat up anyone else on the same mission. It's gonna get ugly, people. Any chick with even a smidge of girly girl will be enthralled with the treasure trove of jewelry and baubles parts.

Enjoy book shopping!

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