Friday, May 29, 2009

Skirts for days and days

Chrysanthemum visited last week and we made 17 skirts by the time she left.
7 for her,
4 for me,
4 for sis RikkiTikkiTavi and
2 for Kay.
2 sewing machines,
1 serger and
2 visits to the fabric store.

Chrysanthemum was in charge of cutting and although she cut out 4 different sizes for 4 different chicks, she did each one perfectly. It's a gift, I tell ya!

Chrysanthemum is a big fan of using
drapery and upholstery fabric for skirts. You like? Skirts above are hers, photographed before she packed and left. (More to come.)

See the purple paisley sheer? $1.50 a yard from WalMart with fold-over elastic waist.

She laughed at me because, after finishing each skirt, I would exclaim "this is my favorite!" Each and every one of 'em.

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Anonymous said...

Gurl....I have gotten 2 orders already for the $1.50 purple paisley skirt!! lol