Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Craftster purse swap

The Craftster purse swap is over and here is the bag I sewed for my partner. She likes geometric prints and I had such a tough time finding fabric! Finally found this, it is an upholstery fabric, I think, because it unraveled like a beast. The pattern is modified from tiny happy's shoulder bag tutorial. My swap partner likes a really long strap because she wears her bags across her body and I was pondering how to make an adjustable strap . . . .then it occurred to me to use the braided leather suspender/braces given to me by Elizabeth.
People give me stuff, I tell ya! And I use it! Well, Elizabeth didn't quite know that she (via her husband) gave me this, she presumed I was taking her boxes to Goodwill but instead I took out a couple items then completed the drop-off task, as promised. Anywho, I modified tinyhappy's strap, cut the back strap from the suspenders and sewed on some vintage brown buttons with cat eye beads atop for flair. Yay, adjustable straps!

I love using things for other than their intended purpose but more proud that I actually remembered that I had the straps!

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Michelle said...

Oh my goodness! Using the suspenders as a strap is a fantastic idea! I must now immediately steal it...