Monday, October 13, 2008

People give me stuff

My good buddy Trixie keeps up with my crafting capers right here on the Skitzo Leezra Studio blog and joined the ranks of "People Give Me Stuff" by sending me a prize box of goodies! She tells me that some is from her grandmother's stash and I hope make the lady proud with future craft projects.

Fabric scraps, perfect for small wallets or headbands. The light blue and red floral prints are larger and will probably appear in the future as a handbag linings.

Look at this stuff! This is my favorite kind, just a smorgasborg of ribbons, craft paint, jewelry, trims, braid, fringe, eyelet, yarn, thread, yarn, oh my! And looka, something shiny! Silver earrings and a keychain. A hunk of stuff that any crafter or mama bird would love, I tell ya!

Thanks Trixie! You should change your name to Treatie!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Forgot to tell you that the little pink purse with the 'heart' tag is from Japan. It's new and for you!