Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Men's necktie wreath

Was trawling Craftster, my favorite craft site when I spied this cool holiday wreath idea from a Christmas catalog, perhaps J.Crew.

And true to my inner crafter self, I thought "I can MAKE that!" My super secret tie source hooked me up with some cool ties and requested a wreath for his ownself.

But the first thing this anal-retentive girl did was to separate the tie stash by color. Organization makes me soooo happy. Anywho, I did a dry run layout and figured out that a 18" diameter straw wreath would take 18 medium width neckties. Wrapped the wreath with alternating green and red neckties.

And here is my version of the wrapped necktie wreath.

Unable to stop myself, I whipped up another wreath in a more freeform style.

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